Since I started to read blogs/watch youtube videos/blog myself, I've briefly stumbled upon posts about Aromatherapy Associates.  They always tend to be rave reviews about how luxurious it is as a brand.  I was desperate to try the bath oils, I love a good relaxing bath, so I thought these would be amazing for me as I'd heard good things.  I opted for the Christmas set, it would give me a chance to try them all a good few times to find my favourites.

Ultimate Bath & Shower Collection - Unfortunately now unavailable, but there are similar items here

I wasn't overly sold on aromatherapy before I tried it myself.  But every blend is honestly amazing.  I used the "Relax" blend and I've never had a better more relaxed sleep!  I've used about 5 different blends of them, and I've been impressed with them all.  They work exactly how they should, and they all smell beautiful.  They make the whole house smell of whichever one you're using.  I just feel better overall when I have a bath with these!  They're a great gift idea all year round for someone that loves a pamper.  But as I love to pamper myself, I'm quite happy to buy them for myself.  And as it's Christmas eve, I'm definitely having a bath with one!