Satsuma Body Butter Review

The Body Shop Satsuma Body Butter - £13.00 for 200ml
I only bought this over the weekend, but damn it's good!  Something I like in general about The Body Shop body butters is that they really do have some amazing scents.  Ideally I'd have them all and choose mine based on my mood - but I currently have two, the Coconut one and the Satsuma one.  I really wanted to smell satsuma after watching Tati (or GlamLifeGuru) in her youtube video of her empty products.  The description she gave just made it sound heavenly!

I popped in and gave them all a sniff and ultimately decided that no matter what I was buying Satsuma.  A lot of moisturisers and body butters don't pack a punch with their scents.  Not really an issue when all you're after is moisture and you wear perfume anyway,  but I like that with this particular body butter the scent is strong enough to hold it's own.  I put it on the other night and the whole house smelled orangey - but definitely in a good way.  I'd say it's a soft creamy orange scent, with a kick of citrus that definitely packs a punch.  It reminds me of when you're eating one.  There's that soft scent and as soon as you bite into a segment and the juice bursts out, there's almost an overwhelming citrus kick.  It reminds me of summer and sunny days, not really sure why!  When I close my eyes and breathe deep I can imagine I'm lying on a sunny beach, toes in the sand and munching on some fresh fruit....oh man I need a holiday!

Anyway, I don't have any negatives for this product.  It's moisturising (always good with a body butter) and I love the scent (maybe not to everyone's taste but no doubt the body shop will have something to suit you).  My ultimate favourite thing about the Body Shop Body butters is that while they don't sit on the skin, they leave a gorgeous sheen - like a glow for hours.  Ideal if you're going out and you want your skin to look, smell and feel fab.  I think I need to use this on a holiday, on warmed glowing skin from the sun...who's coming with me?!