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Hey guys!

Do any of you ever experience a little blogging slump?  I feel like that just now.  It's not that I have nothing to write about, I just feel like if I did write it, it would be rubbish!  I've not done any makeup posts because my skin is still suffering after having the flu last week. I can't seem to shift the dark circles and the tired sallow skin - I've not stopped to give it some TLC right enough so I should probably get on that... I feel like I'm putting pressure on myself to get something written because I feel guilty for not writing anything.  It's a weird feeling when blogging is your hobby, but I think you still feel a responsibility to grow as a blogger and produce stuff that you're continually proud of - with the pressure of making sure posts are regular.  It's no different to any area of my life really I always put pressure on myself about pretty much everything!  I've typed several posts and just deleted them because I didn't think they were worth publishing!!

I've been busy too I guess, I'm back to work this week doing training, which is far more brain melting than a busy 12.5hour shift! And I joined the gym at the weekend and have only had one day off from there (I'm off again tonight and tomorrow - and Sunday morning!).  I was feeling like my fitness levels were affecting how tired I've been getting, and how I seem to have caught every bug/illness going recently.  I hadn't properly exercised since I tore the ligaments in my foot in October, and believe me I just feel SO unfit.  I can't wait until I start to really feel the benefits from the exercise again as my fitness starts to pick back up - but right now that's taking most of my energy too.  I love blogging and that wont ever change, but if I don't feel right I need to wait until I do.  I guess I just wanted to give a little update for anyone that's wondered why I've pretty much gone missing over the last week or two.  I'll be back up and running in no time!