Ahh, here we go. Another nude nail varnish! What can I say? I love them. I love the simplicity of a nude nail, it looks clean, polished and sophisticated. I have quite a few in my collection, but they're all different, promise! I have pink toned nudes, putty colours, slightly brown beige, but this particular polish stood out to me because it's a creamy peach toned nude with a gorgeous subtle shimmer.  In the photo the shimmer looks quite diffused on the nails, but it is easier to see in person.

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure - 210 Naked Ambition.
RRP £6.99
Shimmery nude is something a little bit different for me. I'm not massively into shimmer or pearl polishes, much preferring a creamy finish, and maybe one glittery accent nail. This however isn't overpowering chunks of glitter, it just shines and shimmers in the light which is beautiful. It takes two coats for an opaque finish (as advised by the label), but would also look lovely with one coat over another colour as a shimmery top coat (it would also lighten the base colour). It has a broad brush which makes it easy for quick and even application. I find that with this particular polish, it needs a top coat. The little shimmer particles just make it a bit too easy to scrape it off. Each coat dries fairly quickly too so it doesn't take too long to finish your nails which is a big deciding factor for me! If it takes ages to dry, I will smudge it because I'm too impatient. I've not tried any other polishes from this line so cannot comment on the wear and dry time of any other shades.  But I would certainly give another shade a go!