First of all, I promise my head isn't actually that small!  I had to take the photo at a weird angle, hence the random small-headedness...Anyway, I bought this new coat on friday because I needed it.  Promise.  Basically I needed something for spring, and while some of you may be thinking "it's nearly summer" let me stop you right there.  It doesn't stop raining in Scotland during any season.  Ever.  So a lighter, but still able to withstand rain jacket is a must.  All I have in my wardrobe is thick wooly winter numbers or blazers.  Hence the need (see I really did need it!).

I was on the hunt online before I hit the shops, and to be honest just about everywhere let me down.  Why is it it gets to this time of year and all the shops suddenly are full of bikinis and flipflops?  People that aren't going on holiday still need clothes just FYI (I am going away but to New York (squeals with excitement) so I still don't need that sort of thing).  Anyway the only two I found was this one (which also come in a camel colour) and one in GAP.  This one won me over though, because it just looked a bit nicer and more expensive.  I don't think you can ever go wrong with something like this in your wardrobe.  It goes well over casual clothes and if you're dressed up a little.

This jacket doesn't fit me perfectly but I would never find one that does, short of shopping in an obese childrens department.  I got a Small, so it fits over my chest, but alas the shoulders are a smidge too big and the sleeves are a little long.  The good thing is though I can just unzip the sleeve zip (a detail that I love!) and hey presto there's my hands.  Basically it's the best fit I'm going to find, unless I got one custom made!  I also really love that the belt has plenty of holes so I can fit it to my waist nicely.  It's really nice left open too.  I don't really have anything negative to say about the jacket as a whole.  It's made really well and should last me a good few sunny but rainy seasons.  This retails for £69.99 so not too steep for a coat that's so gorgeous! I've worn it almost everyday since!