This has fast become my favourite mascara of all time.  I remember seeing Ruth from A Model Recommends, talking about this in a video and I was entranced.  I was always a big fan of the original Dior Show Mascara, but I can't deny that I always get a bit excited by something new.  It ended up on my wishlist for all of two days before I had to have it.  I was immediately impressed; love at first application.

Like the original Dior Show it adds a bit of length and an enviable amount of volume.  The thing that makes this little tube so wonderful is that it has some magic potion (true story) that keeps a curl in the lash.  Well at least it seems like magic potion to me.  The photos I took of my lashes were after 6 hours of wear.  I have really straight lashes usually, so I give 'em a curl with my Shu Uemura Eyelash Curlers and then wack this on, and voila.  I'm set for the entire day.  There's a curve to the wand of this mascara, I'm not entirely sure that this actually does much, but it makes it feel like you're scooping your lashes to a curl when you apply it.  It's also a normal fibre brush which is my favourite.  I'm not really a fan of plastic ones, they don't feel as nice to use.  What also helped me decide that this was my favourite mascara ever was when my sister asked me if I was wearing any false lashes!  This tube is almost empty now, but there's another one en route as we speak.  I'm going to say it...HOLY GRAIL MASCARA.

(comes in brown and blue too if that's the way you roll).