Stila Convertible Colours - I loved it when I first got it, as it was my first proper introduction to the world of cream blushes.  I've since learned that there are ones a bajilion times better out there.  Stila Convertible Colours have a sticky texture in the pan which unfortunately stays once it's on the skin.  I can only use it if I powder heavily over the top so it doesn't slide all over the place.  I really don't want to have to do that!

Benefit Porefessional - I'm usually never disappointed with Benefit's offerings so this is a bit of a shock for me too.  Basically the only reason I don't like it is because it gave me a really bad breakout.  I can't pin in on anything else at the time I used it as nothing else had changed.  My skin is really quite sensitive and the strangest things can break it out.  Porefessional, you and my skin just weren't meant to be.

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder - I'm almost certain that when I first tried this, I was so caught up in the Stay Matte love in that I didn't really think about how it worked for me.  It may have even made it into a previous monthly favourites... Basically, my skin doesn't not stay matte with this.  I don't want a powder that I have to apply hourly, and on my skin I do.  You end up with too much on and get all chalky.  Not a good look.  I have yet to find a highstreet powder option that I get on with.

Revlon Colorstay Foundation for Combo/Oily Skin - This made the rounds in the blogger highstreet recommendations a good while ago.  I tried it and have never been able to get on with it.  It doesn't blend evenly into my skin. It also moves on the T-zone throughout the day giving that ever so sexy patch work quilt look.  I've also never used a foundation that has felt to physically heavy and dirty on my skin.  My skin was suffocated with this.

Maybelline The Falsies Black Drama - As soon as I opened this tube I knew I was going to hate it.  It was far too wet.  I don't know about you but when I use a mascara that is too wet, first of all I get it everywhere; eyelids, under my eyes, in my eyebrows, on my nose, you name it.  Then on top of that you can't even blink until it's dry because when you do they clump together and you end up with one massive eyelash.  A few weeks after using this I gave it another go and it was pretty good then.  Really you shouldn't have to wait until a mascara is drying out to be able to use it.

L'Oreal False Lash Telescopic Waterproof - I'd done a bit of research before buying this, and it is one of my favourite bloggers favourite mascara but - I just don't get it.  This is the new formulation so that may be why.  With a claim like 'false lash' I was expecting some noticeably lengthier and voluminous lashes.  Length - yes.  Volume - no.  In my eyes it's the perfect mascara when you're going for a 'no makeup - makeup' look.  Ridiculously subtle.  I also went for waterproof as apparently the regular one smudges like crazy.  Well I can't get this one off without nearly blinding myself or just ripping out all my eyelashes and starting again.  Waterproof should be changed to makeup remover proof - seriously.

Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation - I've already done a full post on this here which will explain all.  The cliff notes.  It doesn't blend properly on my skin, separates and generally makes my skin look horrible.

Bumble & Bumble Salt Spray - Bumble & Bumble as a brand in general are hyped, but I didn't find anything spectacular with this that made it worth the price tag.  No different to any you get on the highstreet - save yourself some pennies!