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I'm not going to kid myself that I'm some super stylish person, to be perfectly honest a lot of things that are "in fashion" look ridiculous on me.  So I tend to keep it simple.  It can be quite difficult to shop or dress in a world that's full of furry crop tops and PVC/Leather.  I'm not having a go at that fashion or the people who wear it - if you can pull it off, please do so.  I just look like a weirdo when I try it's so not me.  I don't have the body shape for it for one, and I'd never know how to carry myself in something like that.

Most days of the week I post an OOTD on my instagram.  Skipping the days when I pick my clothes out to wear en route to work aka - in the dark; or days when I'm hanging around the house in clothes that I wouldn't want to be caught dead in but that are super comfortable.

I thought I'd just share some of my favourite outfits recently, and let you know that if you don't follow me on instagram you should!  Not into my outfits? Well I post photos of my kitten and cat, and of food all of the time too!

If you want to know where anything is from please check out my instagram rebekah_d_ or leave a comment!  The photo quality isn't great, but hey it looks okay on instagram.