I consider myself an avid candle lover, when I was younger I used to think I was pure cool with my Yankee Candles, and while I still regularly buy Fluffy Towels from them (the best in my opinion); I like to dabble with the fancier candles these days.  Diptyque is a brand I've heard a lot of whispering about, the fragrances being quite popular with some other bloggers.  It's taken me a long time to actually bite the bullet and buy one for myself.  There are so many to choose from, and if you know me, you know making decisions when I have too many choices isn't my strong point.  Eventually I decided to go for Baies - or Berries if you're not French.

It's a gorgeous scent, warm and rich which I love when I'm all cosy in my room.  It burns well and has burned evenly so far.  I tend to let candles burn until a whole layer of wet wax can be seen and that tends to keep my candles even.  Jo Malone Candles and Neom Candles burn really evenly using this technique too.  It costs £40.00 for 190g.  On the dearer side for the amount of product, but I know that it'll last me a really long time.  I have five candles that I burn periodically so all of mine do.  My last Jo Malone candle lasted for over a year!  Now I'm off to light my candle, have a pamper and a good ol' cup of tea.