Some people don't get baths but I'm a huge fan.  When I want to relax, if I'm ill or if I'm sore from the gym - nothing beats a good soak in the tub.  When you're a bath fan it's always nice to have good products to put in there with you.  Though, like with most things I took my sweet time before I finally bought this - and I have no idea what took me so long!  I used to work in House of Fraser at the weekend in the beauty department, and when it was quiet I'd sit and smell these and struggle to pick which one was my favourite.  I ultimately chose Ambre Vanille - three years later.  It smells divine.

It's a thick cream, and it comes in a jar so it's not the easiest to negotiate into the tub (DON'T POUR IT), but it comes with a little honey dipper to make it easier.  You dip it in, which coats it and then run it under the tap and watch it make some bubbles!  If you like a bath filled up to your neck, extreme bubbles and a pretty strong scent pay off I'd recommend two dips into your jar.  I did it with one, and while it was still lovely, and the scent still lingered on my skin - I would've liked it to be a little stronger, which is what I did the time after and it was amazing - plus I had even more bubbles.  Even using two that's not much of your jar, so I imagine this is going to last me plenty of bath times.  It retails for £33.00 for 300g.