I seen these little beauties in Boots wayyy back before Christmas.  I was so excited and every season I tend to buy the little sets, I didn't read the small print on the stand.  I got to the till and was so upset when I was told that you had to buy two full sized polishes and then you'd get the set for free.  So I didn't get them on principle.  If I'd wanted to buy full sized polishes I would have, and you'd always been able to buy the little sets before.  Then I went in to boots a couple of weeks ago, and sitting on a table in the makeup department was a huge pile of these for clearance at £6.  Well I was happy with that so I did eventually get my hands on them.  Obviously most people felt the same as me as there were so many left, hopefully Essie don't do that again and you can just buy them every season.

Personally I like the mini sets, I struggle to get through a full nail polish before it goes off and these give you a chance to try some different shades.  This set includes tuck it in my tux, jiggle hi jiggle low and jump in my jumpsuit.  tuck it in my tux is described as an "ivory cream"which is a perfect description, it's not as bright as a pure white polish if you find that too harsh.  jiggle hi jiggle low is described as "molten gold" - a super finely milled shimmer it's really beautiful, a little more than a metallic but less in your face as a chunky glitter.  jump in my jumpsuit is a "juicy red" a pink toned red; a little deeper than something like Essie's Fifth Avenue, but not a truly deep dark red.  All in all a pretty lovely little set with some lovely shades.  These can all still be purchased in full size and if you're lucky your local boots will have the set on clearance.  Essie's full sized polish retails for £7.99.