If you have a look through my stash you'll mostly see eyeshadows that belong in the neutral/brown family.  I don't have much by way of grey shadows but this stood out to me.  Chanel did a reboot of their eyeshadows a while back and now the collection is full of dreamy shadows as soft as butter - before they were definitely a little less lacking in the pigment department and were harder - still beautiful to blend though (I still love my Kaska Beige palette).  Originally there were ten palettes to choose from but an 11th has been added from the most recent Spring 2015 collection launch.  If these particular shades don't tickle your fancy, I reckon there would be a palette that did in the collection.  There is a good range of palettes - but of course nothing too "out there" - that's just not Chanel.

My favourite shade in the palette has to be the bottom left one.  It has more of a purple undertone, whereas the other two grey shades are more of a true grey.  The lightest shade is beautiful for a brightening inner corner highlight and a brow bone highlight.  In the photo above I've used the lightest shade in the very inner corner, the grey to the right of that beside it, and the more purple toned one on the outer edge and crease for a sort of gradient effect - and I used the darkest as liner.  This is however just one look that you can do with this palette!  I tend to only reach for this palette when I'm going on a night out because the colours are quite deep and I'm so pale.  More often than not I keep it light and simple for daytime makeup.  Nevertheless this is a gorgeous palette and I'm happy to have it in my makeup family.  The Chanel palettes cost £40.00 - not terrible for Chanel if I'm honest.