[L: Copper, R: Bronze]

Recently I've been reaching for makeup that I can get on quick.  Don't get me wrong, I do love spending an hour on my makeup if I've got the time - but I don't always.  Cream eyeshadows in any form (pot or stick I mean) have been my go to.  I picked up these MaxFactor Excess Shimmer shadows after having a swatch or two in Boots,  they have the strangest texture but I think that intrigued me more because it was something different from what else is out there.  They're very mousse like and silky.  There's nothing to compare them to, but gun to my head they're like a softer more whipped version of the Chanel Illusion D'Ombres.  I wasn't really keen on some of the shades, there's a lilac and greeny pearl (Pink Opal and Pearl - if you want the actual shade names).  Copper and Bronze are more up my street as I really only wear neutral eyeshadow.  I said in a My Makeup Today post recently, that the shade name Copper really annoyed me (you can also see it on the eyes in that post if you want to see it).  It's not remotely copper in my opinion but more of a pewter.  It confused my mum as well.  Just after I bought them I took both lids off at the same time then had no idea which was which and neither did my mum.  Bronze and copper are practically the same in my eyes.  Anyway, I've mostly been reaching for the incorrectly named Copper for daytime.  It just gives a lovely wash of light metallic shimmer, it really frames lashes well, and this is without a doubt my favourite of the two. Bronze is quite stark on my pale complexion but still beautiful nonetheless, but I think it'll stay in the drawer until an evening out or a day that requires being done up a but more than usual.  You can use a tiny amount of these in a light wash over the lid but I don't think they look very shimmery this way - but they also pack on nicely for a thicker stronger shimmer payoff.  Most posts I've seen on them have been the light wash option but by accidentally applying too much one day did I find out that they can be worn that way as well. Personally I don't think they're the best out there in terms of cream shadows but they're definitely worth a look for an affordable option.  If packed on for more payoff the bronze shade does crease a little bit and both of them do wear off throughout the day/night.  Wear is a little better with a eyeshadow primer though so that's something to consider.  These retail for £7.99 each.