This is hands down one of my favourite meals.  Even before embarking on Weight Watchers I loved Mac & Cheese so I had to find or create a recipe of my own to fill the void of a "naughty" Mac & Cheese.  This is a modification of a recipe I found online, if you want it to serve 6 it's 9 points - if you're a little more hungry and split it into 5 portions it'll be 11points.  Considering its pasta and cheese - that isn't too shabby in the points department!

300g of pasta (I used Heinz Gluten free)
Cherry Tomatoes (feel free to leave these out if you don't like toms with your mac!)
1 Medium Onion
2 Cloves of Garlic
800mls skimmed milk
60g of low fat spread
60g of plain flour
120g of half fat cheddar cheese

First off you want to half your tomatoes (if using) and pop them in a preheated oven at 220c or 200c fan assisted.  I just put them in the dish I was going to use for the mac and cheese to save on washing up.  Get a pot boiling and put your macaroni in.

Then on to making the cheese sauce.  Melt your low fat spread in a pot then gradually add your milk, keep stirring it so it doesn't burn.  Then you want to add the flour to help it thicken up.  Add the onion and garlic too.  Basically the most important part is to keep stirring so it doesn't curdle the milk.  When it's thickening up add in the cheese and let it melt through.  By this point your pasta should be cooked, so drain that out.

Lift your baking dish out of the oven and pour in the macaroni, then if you're happy that the cheese is melted pour your sauce over everything.  Mix it well, covering all of the macaroni, then pop it into the oven for 20-30minutes until the sauce is reduced and the top is going crispy.  Then you're done!  It's really pretty simple, it's just waiting for it while it's in the oven is the difficult bit.  Well for me anyway...