I've seen quite mixed reviews on the Bourjois Smokey Eyes Trio's, but I have to say that I quite like mine!  It's the only one I have so I can't make a mass judgement on all of the shades.  And saying that I quite like it might seem a bit lack-lustre but because I'm a user and a big fan of MAC and Urban Decay eyeshadows - I struggle to find anything highstreet that has that calibre - but I am still very happy with it for the price.  Although, I do read lots of raves on the Sleek and MUA palettes - but that's getting off topic!  Really I was looking for something a little more transportable, because my MAC eyeshadows are in two 15 palettes, and I bought this before trying Urban Decay (I have the Naked palette, so that's not small either).  And I don't own ANY grey eyeshadows (apart from these), so this was a try of them because I wasn't sure if I liked grey on me.  I compromised on this really because they are paler warm greys rather than dark cool greys - rarely to I wear cool-toned eyeshadows, that majority of mine are warm golden and brown colours.

When I first bought it I wasn't blown away with the pigmentation, but I used it a few times and it improved drastically.  I'm not sure if it's how the eyeshadows are pressed, but it's almost like needing to break the shell to get right into the colours.  I wouldn't say the results with these shadows are overly dramatic, so it makes them nice for a subtly defined eye for day-time, or for an evening with a strong lip.  The main downfall of this product is that the shadows drop down, so you have to clean up or do your foundation/base afterwards.

I did try to get photos of this on my eyes, but the lighting the past few days just hasn't been playing the game.  It's hardly daylight outside for very long, and the sky is completely overcast so it's dull and grey anyway.  So I'm afraid you'll just have to put up with swatches and my word for it that it creates a subtle smoky eye!  The Smoky Eyes Trios retail for £7.99 which isn't bad for three colours.  Would I purchase more?  Maybe.  I'd really quite like to try the MUA trio eyeshadows and compare the quality (I guess that's the blogger in me!) - and they're only £2.50.  Really though, I think I should just accept that I really have enough eyeshadows and really don't need anymore - although it's a lot more fun buying things because you like them!