The title of this post is a bit long winded, but I couldn't think of what else to call it.  I had obviously planned to feature both names of the products, but the gold nail varnish with the fancy lid is limited edition to Boots only, I believe.  The glitter being pink sapphire is also a shot in the dark because it doesn't actually tell you on it which is quite unhelpful!  But, with the help of google I'm about 99.9% that it is Pink Sapphire.

I got both of these nail varnishes as a part of my Secret Santa from the Blogger Christmas party that was in Glasgow.  So thank you for these and the rest of my gifts if you are reading this!  My Christmas Cookie candle and my chocolates are long gone, I loved them! The gold nail polish is very unusual, I don't have anything like it.  Most nail varnishes are plain matte/shine or full on glitter, or maybe a pearlised one - but this is full on finely milled shimmer.  It catches the light beautifully and is perfect for the party season.  Wear time is great too, I've had this on for over a week and now it's only starting to chip around the edges (In the photo I'd already been wearing it three days!)

Barry M Pink Sapphire

The Pink Sapphire glitter is definitely going to become one of my favourite layering glitters, it has a great mix of colours in it so it will match pink, silver, blue, purple and of course gold base colours.  It is typical of most glitter nail varnishes on the market, a clear varnish packed full of little glitter bits.  So obviously this means it is by no means an opaque coverage, and it would need a good few layers to get it to look that way.  I am happy to wear it as a top coat - on my accent nail or over every nail.  I would have just touched up my nails for Christmas day with these colours, but it wont match what I'm wearing, so I'm opting to change them to white with silver glitter!  My Christmas day jumper is my penguin one here, so my nails can be his snow!