So this is another of the products that I hauled ages ago and promised a review - it is definitely a bad habit of mine.  My New Year resolution should be to get more organised!  Although, because I do leave such a while in-between hauls and reviews, you can be confident that I have used the products for a long enough while to form an opinion I suppose!  I'm not a fan of hauls and next day review posts, it's too soon!

So I have been using this since September and it has fast become my favourite highlighter.  I was only wearing it with going-out night time makeup, but during December I have started wearing it most days.  It is a shimmery highlight, so I would avoid wearing it in natural sunlight day-to-day, but I have only seen the sun once this December - the joys of living in Scotland!  I haven't been worried about looking too shimmery during the day because there is no sun - but if you are interested in this I would keep that in mind, I won't be using it everyday in the summer.  Plus, I think it's really nice to have a bit of shimmer going on in December - Christmas is the perfect excuse!

I really love the different shades that when combined make a gorgeous golden toned highlight, but can be used on their own on the eyes.  I took this on holiday with me to Spain in October, and most nights I was wearing this on my eyes as well as a highlighter.  I think this suits me better when I am wearing a little bit of fake tan because of the warmth in the highlighter, but the good thing is that even when I'm at my palest naturally (which is pretty damn pale!) I can use the lighter shades and it blends beautifully.  I'm sure the same would work on deeper skin tones using the darker shades.  So it's kind of customisable to your skin which is nice.
All shades combined
I unfortunately don't have a photo of this on my cheek to show, as when I took these photos I was in the middle of a bad breakout (which is gone now yay!), but in a lot of my MOTD/MOTN I'm wearing this, I'll just make sure in my next one to get a cheek close up for you guys!  This is pretty expensive at £32.00, I got it from Selfridges here.  But I think it's worth the money, due to the versatility of the product and the quality.  Plus I have used this a LOT, and there isn't even a dent in the quilted pattern yet - I took these photos last week, not when I bought it and you can still clearly see the imprinted pattern in the product!  So it will last for a very long time which I'm happy about.  I really rate this, and I think it's sad that you can't buy Rose Diamond any more, because I definitely would have bought it!