I bought this a really long time ago it seems (seems?! it was July, oh dear!), and in the haul post that you can see here, I did promise a review on it.  But, time has got away from me and I kept forgetting to do it, or doing something else- so naughty me!  I used this the other day and it reminded me that this gorgeous product was due a little rave review.  The Chanel Illusion D'Ombre's have a really unique texture.  It has a very velvety texture - it's not really a cream, or a mousse like most of the potted shadows on the market.  I honestly can't even find the words to describe how it feels, it's just beautiful, if you've never went to have a look at them yourself I really recommend you do, even if it's just to have a feel! (that sounds kind of weird, but oh well).

Emerveille is a soft pink colour, and in my haul I'd said it was an almost rose-gold colour, which I still think it is but, a very subtle one.  I done a post on MAC Expensive Pink [here] and that has a more vibrant payoff as the tone is much deeper.  Emerveille is subtle and gorgeous for use everyday or layered with other gorgeous shadows for a look that packs a shimmer punch for night time.  All of the Illusion D'Ombre's are shimmers so if you tend to stick to matte eye looks these little pots may not be for you.  Taking into consideration that they're shimmers the wear time is wonderful.  I can wear this without primer and it lasts around 10-12 hours, which is pretty good for me as my eyelids to tend to get a little oily in the crease as the day wears on.  So if I do wear them with a primer, they're there all day and night. I loved this one so much that I bought another shade in October - so judging by my organisation, you can expect a post on that in March!  I'm just kidding, it should be up within the next couple of weeks (I hope!).