I've been using this strange little mask for just over a month now,  I use it most nights and there's still an impressive amount left which is immediately off to a good start in terms of value for money.  This is a mask designed to be "youth enhancing" and I get that - it works wonders on my mum for that, her skin does look more youthful after use.  Although in saying that my mum doesn't look after her skin at all.  So results may be more subtle or not really noticeable at all if you already look after your skin well.  I use it for the replenishing and moisturising aspects being only 23 - although it never hurts to start early I guess.

My skin struggles sometimes to get over the monthly bout of blemishes (you know what I mean ladies), but this has really helped minimise the amount of time they stick around - as well as heal all the dry, sometimes cracked, skin that usually happens around the blemish.  I do use a lot of skincare because my skin is pretty difficult to get under control most of the time but this has been a nice little addition.  When I wake up in the morning after use my skin is plump, hydrated and the skin looks pretty smooth.  It's important to remember that a little goes a long way.  You should only use the size of a pea per application otherwise you get a sticky layer over your skin, which I have done by mistake a couple of times - not the worst if you don't touch your face and just let it sink in for a bit.  The thing that annoys me about this product is the little spatula it comes with.  I get the idea, but it's so inconvenient that separate from the tub you have this little bit of plastic - they need to rethink the design with that.  If there was a little slot in the lid for it I'd be loving it even more than I do.  Although I do use it because it means you don't need to stick your fingers in the tub, and due to the size you more or less get the right amount every time.  Due to the bouncy texture it is quite difficult to get it out with your fingers, actually! It just bounces back like a memory foam mattress.  This product retails for £22.00 for 90mls of product.