Foundations are always something that I like to try; from high end to high street - I'm always looking for that perfect base.  I don't have the easiest skin to work with either; it's combination but the oily parts are extremely oily and I'm prone to a breakout or ten.  I heard a lot of good things about this foundation before I purchased it for only £7.99 (bargain!).  First off I'm going to start with the only negative I have for this foundation then we'll get on to the good stuff.  The shade range is awful.  I picked up 10 Porcelain and there aint nothing porcelain about it.  It is a good colour match for me at the moment but that is only because I've been out in the sun a bit and have took a teeny bit of natural colour but two months ago it would've looked orange on my pasty vampire-esque skin.  Also the range doesn't go very dark either so not helpful for everyone.  Anyway, the good stuff now, because I do actually like this foundation.  It comes in a 35ml tube with a tiny opening so you don't squeeze out too much product, so wastage is a little bit easier to avoid than some tubed products.  On the back of the packaging it tells you that this foundation is full coverage, it's not Vichy Dermablend full coverage but it does have a nice medium-full coverage.   I still use a little bit of concealer under my eyes and on any particularly stubborn blemishes.  It states it has a Medium texture but to be honest I don't find this offensive to wear at all, I've worn it for 12+ hours and haven't felt like I desperately needed to wash it off because it was sitting on my skin.  Unsurprisingly it's a matte finish as the name would suggest but it doesn't dry out your skin like some matte products - which I hate and despite my combo skin I usually avoid matte at all costs and just powder on top of foundations.  My favourite way to apply this is with the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge as it gives a smooth even finish.  To be honest I haven't tried it with a brush or my fingers because that was the first way I used it and I liked the result so I didn't feel the need to try other methods.  Longevity wise it's not too bad but definitely not 24H if you have oily/combo skin.  I still have to powder down my t-zone maybe once in the afternoon, but it doesn't move around on the skin.  I would recommend giving this foundation a look, especially if you're on a budget because it's so affordable.  It's at the top of my drawer for every day wear at the moment - and considering the amount of foundations I own - that is quite a compliment to it!